This show is currently a work in progress — if you would like to see it finished, contact us and consider making a donation!

1. Prelude – Take Me Back

1a. Before “Some Kinda Time”

2. Some Kinda Time

2a. Some Kinda Time – Playoff

3. We Three Bees

4. Hey, Good-Lookin’

4a. Hey, Good-Looking’ – Playoff

4b. Give Way (At the Diner)

5. Come to a Party

6. Nothing Short of Wonderful

6a. Transition to Street

7. Come to a Party – Reprise

7a. Walk to the Party

7b. Nothing Short of Wonderful (Reprise)

7c. Before the Party

8. Blast Off

8a. That Face

8b. It’s Just a Party

9. It’s a Dogfight

9a. It’s Just a Party – Reprise

9b. Transition to Rose’s Room

10. Pretty Funny

11. Entr’acte: Hey, Good-Lookin’

12. Hometown Hero’s Ticker-Tape Parade

12a. Back to Rose

13. First Date/Last Night

13a. Fancy Restaurant Music

13b. First Date/Last Night – Reprise

14. Hometown Hero’s Ticker-Tape Parade (Reprise)

14a. Golden Gate Bridge

15. Before It’s Over

15a. After “Before It’s Over”

16. Give Way

17. Some Kinda Time – Reprise

17a. War Sequence (Part 1)

17b. War Sequence (Part 2)

17c. Transition – Take Me Back

18. Come Back

19. Finale – Take Me Back

20. Bows

21. Exit Music