Daddy Long Legs

This show is currently a work in progress — if you would like to see it finished, contact us and consider making a donation!

1. Oldest Orphan

2. Who Is This Man?

3. Mr. Girl Hater

4. She Thinks I’m Old

5. Like Other Girls

6. Freshman Year Studies

6a. Are You Bald? (Underscore)

7. Things I Didn’t Know

7a. Christmas Eve (Underscore)

7b. What Does She Mean (Intro)

8. What Does She Mean by Love?

8a. Icicle Waltz

9. I’m a Beast

10. When Shall We Meet?

10a. Spring Air

11. The Color of Your Eyes

12. Like Other Girls (Reprise)

12a. Lock Willow (Underscore)

13. The Secret of Happiness

14. Color of Your Eyes (Reprise 1)

15. Sophomore Year Studies

16. My Manhattan

17. I Couldn’t Know Someone Less

18. The Man I’ll Never Be

19. Secret of Happiness (Reprise 1)

20. Christmas in Manhattan

21. Humble Pie

21a. Senior Year (Intro)

21b. Senior Year Studies

21c. Pre-Graduation (Underscore)

22. Graduation Day

23. Charity

24. I Have Torn You from My Heart

24a. All Figured Out (Underscore)

25. My Manhattan (Reprise)

26. The Color of Your Eyes (Reprise 2)

26a. I Miss Him (Underscore)

27. The Secret of Happiness (Reprise 2)

28. I’m a Beast (Reprise)

29. All This Time

30. Bows and Exit Music