The Light in the Piazza

This show is currently a work in progress — if you would like to see it finished, contact us and consider making a donation!

1. Overture

2. Statues and Stories Part 1

2a. Statues and Stories Part 2

2b. Margaret/Hat

2c. Margaret Aside 1

2d. Transition to Uffizi

2e. Tour Guide

3. The Beauty Is

4. Il Mondo Era Vuoto Part 1

4a. Il Mondo Era Vuoto Part 2

5. American Dancing/Duomo

5a. Margaret Aside 2

5b. Pizzale Michelangelo

5c. Punctuation

6. Passeggiata Part 1

6a. Passeggiata Part 2

6b. Passeggiata Part 3

6c. Transition to the Tea Scene

6d. Che Gorgioso!

7. The Joy You Feel

7a. Margaret Aside 3

7b. After Tea

8. Dividing Day

9. Hysteria/Lullaby

9a. Hotel Bar

9b. Fabrizio at the Door

10. Say It Somehow

11. Entr’acte

12. Aiutami

13. The Light in the Piazza

13a. Back to Florence

14. Octet Part 1

15. Clara’s Tirade

15a. Church

16. Octet Part 2

16a. Something Is Wrong

17. The Beauty Is (Reprise)

17a. Transition to Tie Shop

18. Let’s Walk

18a. Post Promenade

18b. Clara’s Interlude

19. Love to Me

19a. Wedding

20. Fable

21. Bows

22. Exit Music