The Hunchback of Notre Dame

We’re excited to share these practice tracks for The Hunchback of Notre Dame¬†(music by Alan Menken and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz). Each song includes individual rehearsal tracks for each role and vocal part, as well as piano accompaniment tracks that you can use to practice on your own or use in rehearsal in a pinch. Hopefully you find them useful for your production!

Tracks by Song

1. Olim

2. Bells of Notre Dame – Part 1

2A. Bells of Notre Dame – Part 2

2B. Bells of Notre Dame – Part 3

2C. Bells of Notre Dame – Part 4

2D. Bells of Notre Dame – Part 5

2E. Bells of Notre Dame – Part 6

2F. Fanfare

3. Sanctuary

4. Out There

5. Topsy Turvy (Part 1)

6. Rest and Recreation

7. Rhythm of the Tambourine

8. Topsy Turvy (Part 2)

8A. The Harrowing

9. Sanctuary II

9A. Bells Reprise

10. God Help the Outcasts

11. Transition to the Bell Tower

12. Top of the World

12A. How Dare You

13. Tavern Song

14. Heaven’s Light

15. Hellfire

16. Esmeralda/Act 1 Finale – Part 1

16A. Esmeralda/Act 1 Finale – Part 2

17. Entr’acte

17A. Agnus Dei

18. Flight into Egypt

18A. Esmeralda Reprise

19. Rest and Rec Reprise

20. Court of Miracles

21. In a Place of Miracles

22. Bells of Notre Dame – Reprise II

23. The Assault

24. Someday

24A. While the City Slumbered

25. Made of Stone

25A. Judex Crederis

25B. Kyrie Eleison

25C. Top of the World – Reprise

25D. Esmeralda (Frollo Reprise)

26. Finale Ultimo

Tracks by Role

Piano Accompaniment Tracks













Soprano 1

Soprano 2

Alto 1

Alto 2

Tenor 1

Tenor 2