The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

We’re excited to share these practice tracks for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (music and lyrics by William Finn, book by Rachel Sheinkin). Each song includes individual rehearsal tracks for each role and vocal part, as well as piano accompaniment tracks that you can use to practice on your own or use in rehearsal in a pinch. Hopefully you find them useful for your production!

Tracks by Song

1. The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

1a. The Rules

2. My Friend the Dictionary

3. Pandemonium

4. I’m Not That Smart

5. Magic Foot

5a. Magic Foot Playoff

6. Pandemonium (Reprise)

6a. Chip Goodbye

6b. Rona Moment #2

7. Prayer of the Comfort Counselor

8. Chip’s Lament Intro

9. Chip’s Lament

10. Woe Is Me

11. Spelling Montage

11a. I’m Not That Smart (Reprise)

11b. Coneybear Goodbye

12. I Speak Six Languages

13. Jesus

13a. Three Spellers Remain! Sluice!

14. The I Love You Song

14a. Crepuscule

15. Woe Is Me (Reprise)

15a. How Exciting

15b. Rona Moment #3

16. Second (Part 1)

17. Weltanschauung

17a. Olive & Barfee Pas de Deux

17b. Second (Part 2)

18. The Champion

19. Epilogues

20. Finale

21. Bows

22. Exit Music

APP1. Audience Goodbye #1

APP2. Audience Goodbye #2

APP3. Audience Goodbye #3

Tracks by Role

Piano Accompaniment Tracks