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We’re excited to share these practice tracks for Ragtime (music by Stephen Flaherty, lyrics by Lynn Ahrens). Each song includes individual rehearsal tracks for each role and vocal part, as well as piano accompaniment tracks that you can use to practice on your own or use in rehearsal in a pinch. Hopefully you find them useful for your production!

1. Ragtime (Opening)

1A. Ragtime (Harlem)

1B. Ragtime (Immigrants)

1C. Ragtime (Evelyn)

1D. Ragtime (Emma Windup)

1E. Ragtime (Dance)

1F. Ragtime (Conclusion)

2. Admiral Peary’s March

3. Goodbye, My Love

4. Journey On

4A. Evelyn’s Introduction

5. The Crime of the Century (Part 1)

5A. The Crime of the Century (Part 2: Reporters)

5B. The Crime of the Century (Part 3: Victrola)

5C. Houdini’s Airplane

6. What Kind of Woman

6A. A Shtetl Iz Amereke (Ellis Island)

7. Success (Part 1)

7A. Success (Part 2)

7B. Success (Part 3)

7C. Success (Part 4)

7D. Success (Part 5)

8. His Name Was Coalhouse Walker

9. The Gettin’ Ready Rag (Part 1)

9A. The Gettin’ Ready Rag (Part 2)

10. Henry Ford

10A. Henry Ford Playoff

11. Nothing Like the City

11A. Firemen/Coalhouse Crossover

12. Your Daddy’s Son

13. The Courtship

14. New Music

14A. New Music Playoff

15. The Wheels of a Dream

16. Tateh at the Loom

16A. The Night That Goldman Spoke at Union Square (Part 1)

16B. The Night That Goldman Spoke at Union Square (Part 2)

16C. Lawrence, Mass. Sequence

17. Gliding (Part 1)

17A. Gliding (Part 2)

18. Booker T. Washington’s Speech

18A. The Trashing of the Car

19. Justice

19A. President

20. Till We Reach That Day

21. Entr’acte

22. Harry Houdinin, Master Escapist (Part 1)

22A. Harry Houdinin, Master Escapist (Part 2)

22B. The Little Boy Awakes

23. Coalhouse’s Soliloquy

24. Coalhouse Demands (Part 1)

24A. Coalhouse Demands (Part 2)

24B. Coalhouse Demands (Part 3)

24C. Coalhouse Demands (Part 4)

24D. Coalhouse Demands (Part 5)

25. What a Game

25A. Fire in the City

26. Atlantic City (Part 1)

26A. Atlantic City (Part 2)

26B. Atlantic City (Part 3)

26C. Nothing Like the City (Reprise)

27. Buffalo Nickel Photoplay, Inc.

27A. “Buffalo Nickel Photoplay, Inc.” Playoff

27B. Houdini and the Little Boy

27C. A Day at the Beach

28. Our Children

29. “Our Children” Scene

29. Harlem Sequence (Part 1)

29A. Harlem Sequence (Part 2)

29B. Harlem Pas de Deux

30. Sarah Brown Eyes

31. He Wanted to Say

31A. Explosion/Booker T.’s Second Speech

32. Back to Before

33. Look What You’ve Done (Part 1)

33A. Look What You’ve Done (Part 2)

33B. Look What You’ve Done (Part 3)

33C. Look What You’ve Done (Part 4)

33D. Look What You’ve Done (Part 5)

34. Make Them Hear You

34A. Underscore: After “Make Them Hear You”

35. Epilogue (Part 1)

35A. Epilogue (Part 2: Wheels of a Dream)

36. Bows

37. Exit Music