Spring Awakening

We’re excited to share these practice tracks for Spring Awakening (music by Duncan Sheik, lyrics by Steven Sater). Each song includes individual rehearsal tracks for each role and vocal part, as well as piano accompaniment tracks that you can use to practice on your own or use in rehearsal in a pinch. Hopefully you find them useful for your production!

Tracks by Song

1. Mama Who Bore Me

2. Mama Who Bore Me (Reprise)

3. All That’s Known

4. The Bitch of Living

5. My Junk

6. Touch Me

7. The Word of Your Body

8. The Dark I Know Well

8a. The Word of Your Body (Reprise 1)

9. And Then There Were None

10. Mirror-Blue Night

11. I Believe

12. The Guilty Ones

13. Don’t Do Sadness

13a. Blue Wind

13b. Don’t Do Sadness/Blue Wind

14. Left Behind

15. Totally Fucked

16. The Word of Your Body (Reprise 2)

16a. Melchior Letter Underscore

17. Whispering

17a. Wendla Letter Underscore

17b. Abortionist Underscore

18. Melchior’s Escape

18a. Almost Midnight

19. Those You’ve Known

20. The Song of Purple Summer

Tracks by Role

Piano Accompaniment Tracks