We’re excited to share these practice tracks for Newsies: The Musical (music by Alan Menken, lyrics by Jack Feldman and Tim Rice, book by Harvey Fierstein). Each song includes individual rehearsal tracks for each role and vocal part, as well as piano accompaniment tracks that you can use to practice on your own or use in rehearsal in a pinch. Hopefully you find them useful for your production!

Tracks by Song

1. Overture

2. Santa Fe (Prologue)

2A. Prologue (Playoff)

3. Carrying the Banner

3A. Carrying the Banner (Tag)

4. The Bottom Line

4A. Carrying the Banner (Reprise)

5. Chase

6. That’s Rich

6A. I Never Planned on You/Don’t Come a-Knocking

6B. To the Distribution Window

7. The World Will Know

8. The World Will Know (Reprise)

9. Watch What Happens

9A. Watch What Happens (Playoff)

10. Seize the Day

10A. Seize the Day (Tag)

11. The Fight

12. Santa Fe

12A. Entr’acte

13. King of New York

13A. King of New York (Tag)

14. Letter from The Refuge

14A. Letter from The Refuge (Playoff)

14B. Jack’s Painting

15. Watch What Happens (Reprise)

15A. Back to Pulitzer’s Office

16. The Bottom Line (Reprise)

17. Brooklyn’s Here

17A. To the Rooftop

18. Something to Believe In

19. Seize the Day (Reprise)

20. Once and for All

20A. Once and for All (Playoff)

20B. Seize the Day (Reprise 2)

21. Finale Ultimo (Part 1)

21A. Finale Ultimo (Part 2)

22. Bows

23. Exit Music

Tracks by Role

Piano Accompaniment Tracks